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Australian visa/e-visa is necessary for citizens of almost all CEE countries in order to travel to Australia.

Depending on whether you plan to visit, live, work or study in Australia, you can apply for different types of Australian visas. Some Australian visas also have their subtypes, which are determined based on the reasons to travel to this country.

The type of visa depends on each individual case. If you give us a detailed description of your case, we can advise you on what is the best way and type of visa to apply for, and we will also assist you in the preparation and submission of visa applications.

Here you can find the information about certain types of Australian visas.

** Services of our company include consulting and preparation of Australian visa requests. does not guarantee to its clients an approval of a visa for Australia. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by immigration officers of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). All applications will be assessed in accordance with Australian immigration visa rules and guidelines.

Here you can find the information about certain types of Australian visas.

Family visas

To marry or live with your partner, this is the type of visa you need.
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Working and skilled visas

Offer your skills and work to Australia's market.
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Visitor visas

Explore the wild and beautiful side of the seventh continent.

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